Cutting-edge processing gateway to
accept crypto across the globe

Why Cryptix?

Usability and operational simplicity

Accept crypto – receive your revenue in fiat (USD, EUR)

8+ cryptocurrencies are available for payments and payouts

Transaction’s processing takes up to 1 minute

Risk management system

Cryptix checks and securely keeps all the information about transaction, identifies suspicious users’ behavior and prevents any possible blockchain fraud

Personal approach

To every merchant at connection to Cryptix

Clear tariff system

No hidden and service costs – only fees per transaction

No chargeback

Simple integration
by Checkout Page or API

We provide a dedicated account manager to guide you
through the integration process

in only 1 day!

Payment flow

A user opens your payment form to pay for a service you provide

The user selects the cryptocurrency he/she prefers

The user chooses an amount, commission, confirms the payment and makes it

We receive the payment and automatically make an exchange from crypto to fiat to mitigate exchange rate risks

We can make a transfer of the converted funds to your bank account by your request.

Payout flow

Your user requests a payout by indicating an amount in fiat currency and his/her crypto wallet’s address

Your system sends to our platform an automatic API request to make the payout.

When we receive the request, we make the exchange of necessary amount of fiat to cryptocurrency and these funds are transferred to your user’s wallet

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