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crypto payments

CRYPTIX is a crypto payment gateway that enables merchants to accept, send and exchange cryptocurrency payments.

Reach different types of audience

Cryptix facilitates your business growth by implementing global, transparent, fast, secure and affordable payment method.

Crypto Processing


Get access to variety of settlements – from major world currencies via SWIFT and SEPA to cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

Stable Coins

Instant and secure settlements
in stablecoins of your choice:
USDT, USDC, DAI and more.


Use international currencies
such as USD and EUR
for your settlements with

Why Cryptix?

Enjoy a hassle-free paying method with secure and reliable payment system.


Get instant access to accepting payments, sending, and exchanging cryptocurrencies whenever and wherever you are in the world.


Keep your funds and data safe by secure checkout, full data encryption and blockchain transparency available through DDoS-protected servers.

Volatility Free

Avoid any unnecessary risks by fast and easily exchanging your highly volatile crypto finances into stablecoins of your choice.

Compatitive Rates

Stay in the black with our wide range of competitive rates, exclusive offers, and programs, as well as cutting-edge financial services.

Custom Solutions/ Flexibility

Need any help? Let our team provide you with an easy solution, and feel free to hit us up if you didn’t find the service or info you require.

Compliant Accounting

All financial services you might need are just one tap away – from expert analytics to financial reports and current tax rates.

AML Compliance

Stay safe and secure with services which provide AML compliance via monitoring suspicious activity and instantly report shady transactions.

No Chargebacks

Avoid chargebacks, unnecessary extra payments, hidden fees, and recurring charges with irreversible blockchain transactions.

Technical Support

Get in touch with our professional service team if you are facing any technical issues or difficulties. Assistance is provided 24/7, every day.

Crypto opportunities for any type of business

Expand your business abilities with crypto processing which can be applied to any modern industry or service.

Crypto opportunities

Gaming and gambling industries are instantly growing and evolving, and your crypto income can grow with it.

Crypto markets provide unlimited trading options allowing you to grow income from deposits and trades of your clients.

Make your business beneficial and bring in new clients from worldwide online markets with crypto payments for e-commerce.

Stop losing money when users sell their exclusive skins or in-game merchandise on the black market.

Get access to the buyers and sellers on major marketplaces including digital art, exclusive and valuable tokens.

Expand your list of clients by getting access to equity companies worldwide with crypto processing facilities.

Crypto opportunities2

Unleash your financial potential!

Discover new business opportunities
with cryptocurrency payments.

Get to know us better!

Discover the main ideas behind CRYPTIX.

We, the founders of CRYPTIX, have always been interested in new developments in the world of technology. We were most concerned about how it could be used to improve the quality of everyday life and make it accessible to everyone. Nowadays, new digital solutions appear every day, and we are applying them to the most indispensable area of ​​life – the sphere of income and finance.

Historically, the world of large corporations and projects has been closed to solo enthusiasts or small startups, but in the current age, ideas too small no longer exist. The market is available to everyone and is literally in your pocket on your device’s screen! Now we invite you to join us and see for yourself the limitless possibilities of cryptocurrencies and digital transactions.

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